27.7.2014 Joachim Aschenbrenner takes the gold losing only two matches during the whole regatta

Denmark takes the gold medal in the first ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship, Australia gets silver, and bronze goes to the USA.

Denmark winners

Everybody was nervous in the morning as they waited for the wind to fill in. The wind was too light to start racing the important final matches. Only after 1pm the postponement was lowered and the regatta was ready to continue.

The day started with the semi-finals, both already in the situation of 2-0. Joachim Aschenbrenner (DEN) was leading Pierre Quiroga (FRA) 2-0, and Sam Gilmour (AUS) was leading Nevin Snow (USA) 2-0.

In the first pre-start of today Aschenbrenner held Quiroga on the port side for four minutes, before approaching the start line from above. However things started to look bad for Aschenbrenner as the start approached because Quiroga was starting to get to leeward of them. They raised the spinnaker 10 meters from the starting line, and with only six seconds to go won the start just ahead of Quiroga. Aschenbrenner led the race at the first upwind mark and kept that led to progress into the finals.

In the second semi-final match Gilmour took the right and met Snow at the upwind mark, he went behind, protested and got a green. Snow led until the last downwind leg, in the final rounding Gilmore loaded the gun, and the boats headed for the right corner. Both gybed simultaneously and Gilmore took the lead blocking the wind from Snow, Gilmore took the win and continued to the finals with a result 3-0.

The final was raced to three points, and the petit final to two. In the first match of the final Aschenbrenner managed to approach the starting line first and shut the door from Gilmour by luffing, Gilmour had to tack and gybe so Aschenbrenner started well ahead. Aschenbrenner held the lead for the rest of the race even with Gilmour just two boat lengths behind on the final downwind.

The wind dropped for the second match but that didn’t stop Aschenbrenner’s form, he took the pre-start, approaching first blocking the wind from Gilmour and kept the lead until the end, and was sitting now at 2-0.

In the third final match the boats stood in the dial-up for 45 seconds. As they started to move backwards, Gilmour protested as the boats converged, but got a green reply from the umpires. As Aschenbrenner turned back to approach the starting line, Gilmour gybed in front of him and took the start. Gilmour sailed to the right of the course while Aschenbrenner sailed up the left. Gilmour rounded ahead at the first windward mark, but Aschenbrenner got a nice position above him. After both gybed Aschenbrenner went past Gilmour, rounding the downwind mark with a lead of two boat lengths. He held the lead until the finish and won gold with a 3-0 result in the finals against Gilmour having lost only two matches in the whole regatta.

There was a lot of action in the petit final too. Snow started ahead, and kept the lead until the last upwind mark. After the rounding France took the lead, but gybed back to the right side of the course first. The finish was tight and Snow took the win with only half a meter.

In the second match Snow started to windward in a quite even start. Quiroga managed to round the first windward mark ahead, but Snow was in position to strike. Snow gybed first to the downwind mark, taking the lead just before the mark. Snow led until the second downwind where the boats converged towards the pin end, with Snow approaching on port and Quiroga on starboard. Snow used his mark room, took the win, and the umpires gave a penalty on Quiroga. 2-0 for Snow giving him the bronze medal for the United States.

Denmark prizegiving

The event was concluded with the prize giving ceremony, where Aschenbrenner and the Danish team were given the youth match race world championship title. Aschenbrenner said, ”Thank you NJK for hosting such a nice event. The level of race committee and umpiring was high throughout the event. Also thank you for my crew.”

Australia silver

USA bronze


GOLD: DEN Joachim Aschenbrenner, Hans-Christian Rosendahl, Lars-Peter Rosendahl, Sebastian Bennetsen

SILVER: AUS Sam Gilmour, Adam Negri, Jack Breislin, Christopher Smith

BRONZE: USA Nevin Snow, Katia DaSilva, Jacob LaDow, Graham Landy, John Wallace

Final results:

1 Joachim Aschenbrenner, DEN

2 Sam Gilmour, AUS

3 Nevin Snow, USA

4 Pierre Quiroga, FRA

5 Mark Lees, GBR

6 Valerio Galati, ITA

7 Chris Steele, NZL

8 Tyler Rice, ISV

9 Markus Rönnberg, FIN

10 Nelson Mettraux, SUI

11 Philip Bendon, IRL

12 Jakob Klitte, SWE

13 Florian Haufe, GER

14 Vladislav Abramov, RUS

15 Slawomir Plichta, POL

Full results: http://www.matchracingresults.com/2014/isaf-youth-world-championship/


26.7.2014 Top Four Battle It Out For Place In The Final

ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship: Denmark, France, Australia and USA are fighting for a place in the ISAF Youth Match Race World Championship final.

one second to start

Joachim Aschenbrenner (DEN) leads Pierre Quiroga (FRA) 2-0, and Sam Gilmour (AUS) leads Nevin Snow (USA) 2-0 in the semi-finals.

In quarter final 1 it was Aschenbrenner against Tyler Rice (ISV), in the first two matches Rice took a penalty leaving Aschenbrenner to convincingly win 3-0. In the second pair it was Gilmour against Valerio Galati (ITA). Gilmour took the first two matches, but Galati fought back in the third, and took a win. In the fourth match Gilmour started with the starboard advantage, and used that to take the lead and the win.

The Third pair was Chris Steele (NZL) against Snow, the American skipper was strong in the first two matches, but Steele fought back in the third. Snow succeeded in the fourth confirming his place in the semi-finals. In the fourth pair Quiroga was convincing against Mark Lees (GBR), taking a sweeping 3-0 win.

The semi-finals were raced to two points today, leaving some matches for tomorrow. Currently Aschenbrenner leads Quiroga 2-0, and Gilmour is ahead of Snow also with a 2-0 lead.

After the semi-finals started the matches for places 5-8 were run. On the top for the fifth place came Lees, following him in sixth was Galati, seventh Steele, and an eighth for Rice.

The racing continues Sunday 09:30 local time with a packed program of semi-finals, the final and the petit final.

Results for places 5-15:

5 Mark Lees, GBR

6 Valerio Galati, ITA

7 Chris Steele, NZL

8 Tyler Rice, ISV

9 Markus Ronnberg, FIN

10 Nelson Mettraux, SUI

11 Philip Bendon, IRL

12 Jakob Klitte, SWE

13 Florian Haufe, GER

14 Vladislav Abramov, RUS

15 Slawomir Plichta, POL

25.7.2014 Top Six Close at ISAF Youth Match Race Worlds

On day 3 of the ISAF Youth Match Racing Worlds the round robin ended with the top six teams in the league within just two point of each other.

spinnaker dialup

At the start of the day it was still unclear who would qualify for the quarterfinals as the battle for 6th to 8th position remained fiery. Nelson Mettraux (SVI), Tyler Rice (ISV), Markus Rönnberg (FIN) and Philip Bendon (IRL) were battling to continue in the regatta and qualify in the top eight, Rönnberg was now pulling in straight wins after few losses in the first two days.

The wind filled up 10:20, and the postponement was lowered. In flight 28 Vladislav Abramov (RUS) opened his score with a win. Before flight 32 Rönnberg (FIN) was sitting with five losses and he needed to pull in two victories against Mark Lees (GBR) and Joachim Aschenbrenner (DEN) to get a place in the quarterfinals. In a tight match Lees beat him, and as Rice had won against him earlier, Rönnberg was out of the quarters.

However in the last two flights the teams started to show their skills battling for the top ranks in the round robin, the skill level of the matches was high for the youth sailors and promises world-class action for the remaining two days.

Aschenbrenner commented, ”We did well today winning four out of four matches. That was enough to win the round robin. The conditions are light, some puffs and shifts, but they are not unpredictable making the racing fair.”

Sam Gilmour (AUS) won 3 and lost 1 and was pretty happy, ”We aim to be consistent and improve throughout the regatta. The light wind makes the starboard entry more important in the pre-start, and the pre-start can make or break your race.”

The racing continues 25 July 10:30 local time with eight teams in the quarterfinals: Aschenbrenner (DEN), Sam Gilmour (AUS), Lees (GBR), Quiroga (FRA), Snow (USA), Steele (NZL), Galati (ITA), and Rice (ISV).

Full results after round robin:

1 Joachim Aschenbrenner, DEN

2 Sam Gilmour, AUS

3 Chris Steele, NZL

4 Mark Lees, GBR

5 Pierre Quiroga, FRA

6 Nevin Snow, USA

7 Valerio Galati, ITA

8 Tyler Rice, ISV

9 Markus Ronnberg, FIN

10 Nelson Mettraux, SUI

11 Philip Bendon, IRL

12 Jakob Klitte, SWE

13 Florian Haufe, GER

14 Vladislav Abramov, RUS

15 Slawomir Plichta, POL Results


24.7.2014 ISAF Youth Match Race Worlds Action Heats Up In Helsinki

’The ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship on water action matched the warm climate as the competition heated up on the second day in Helsinki, Finland.

jibing action


Temperatures in Helsinki reached a new summer high but that not did stop the on-water action with 12 more flights completed. The situation is incredibly tight ahead of the last ten flights.

The day commenced at 09:45 local time with one flight in a dying breeze. As the wind filled in, racing resumed at 11:45 with a 10-11 knot breeze ensuring fair racing across the remaining flights.

Joachim Aschenbrenner (DEN) is sitting with level with Sam Gilmour (AUS) at 8-2 at the top, matching each other blow for blow. Overnight leader Nevin Snow sits on eight points but counts three losses.

The trio are followed by Mark Lees (GBR) at 7-2 and Valerio Galati (ITA), Pierre Quiroga (FRA) and Chris Steele (NZL) on 7-3.

One notable thing about the regatta thus far is the comments from the Umpires and Race Committee about the behaviour of the young sailors. Cool, calm and composed heads ensures that match racing is truly a gentleman’s sport in the youth division.

The racing continues on Friday at 09:30 local time. The forecast is for similar conditions with a lot of sun and heat, but luckily also some wind.

Results after 25 flights: Joachim Aschenbrenner, DEN 8-2 Sam Gilmour, AUS 8-2 Nevin Snow, USA 8-3 Mark Lees, GBR 7-2 Valerio Galati, ITA 7-3 Pierre Quiroga, FRA 7-3 Chris Steele, NZL 7-3 Nelson Mettraux, SUI 5-5 Tyler Rice, ISV 5-6 Markus Ronnberg, FIN 4-5 Philip Bendon, IRL 4-6 Jakob Klitte, SWE 3-7 Slawomir Plichta, POL 1-8 Florian Haufe, GER 1-9 Vladislav Abramov, RUS 0-11

23.7.2014 Snow Unbeatable On First Day Of ISAF Youth Match Racing Worlds

America’s Nevin Snow was unbeatable on the opening day of the ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship in Helsinki, Finland as he stormed to five victories.

match race acrobaticsFlexi time – Sailpix.fi

The day started sunny with some light breeze present. The Race Committee was able to complete the first two flights before the forecasted wind direction change took place. That put the competition on hold for half an hour, before the wind settled down into its new direction, where it stayed until the end of the day. It rose constantly towards the afternoon before coming down at the end of the day.

Out of the 35 scheduled flights for the round robin, 13 first were completed on the opening day and Snow was the stand out racer amassing five victories and no defeats.

Following the American with five wins out of six matches is Joachim Aschenbrenner (DEN), Mark Lees (GBR), and Pierre Quiroga (FRA). Four teams are yet to score but with plenty of round robin action remaining time is on their side to qualify for the quarter finals.

The racing continues with flight 14 set to commence on Thursday 24 July at 09:30 local time.

2014 ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship Results:
Nevin Snow (USA) 5-0
Joachim Aschenbrenner (DEN) 5-1
Pierre Quiroga (FRA) 5-1
Mark Lees (GBR) 5-1
Sam Gilmour (AUS) 4-1
Valerio Galati (ITA) 3-0
Chris Steele (NZL) 3-1
Nelson Mettraux (SUI) 3-3
Tyler Rice (ISV) 3-3
Philip Bendon (IRL) 2-4
Jakob Klitte (SWE) 1-5
Vladislav Abramov (RUS) 0-3
Florian Haufe (GER) 0-4
Markus Rönnberg (FIN) 0-5
Slawomir Plichta (POL) 0-6

Live results: http://www.matchracingresults.com/2014/isaf-youth-world-championship/

22.7.2014 – ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship Opens In Helsinki

Two practice days are behind the competitors and racing at the 2014 ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship is set to commence on Wednesday 23 July

Both Monday and Tuesday have been quite ideal conditions, having had nice moderate wind and sun. Only on Tuesday afternoon the wind got lighter. The teams have trained pre-starts, manoeuvres and done some practice races with the J80 boats. Tight races have shown the high level of the teams and promises good action for the rest of the week.

The opening ceremony was held on the terrace of the Blekholmen Island. Claes Tallberg, the commodore of the sailing club NJK, welcomed the competitors, and explained that the NJK Sailing Center is located at Western Helsinki, and that the Blekholmen Island is a base for NJK keel boats. NJK is the oldest sailing club in Finland and has seen several Olympic medallists within its membership from 1910-2012, including Team Silja Lehtinen, London 2012 bronze medallists in Women’s Match Racing. Commodore Tallberg was proud that NJK was chosen to host the first ever Youth Match Racing Worlds.

ISAF Vice President Adrienne Greenwood welcomed all participants to the regatta. She explained her delight in Finland’s selection to host the inaugural edition of the regatta considering it’s an active match racing country, with 34 match racing events in 2014. Greenwood explained that she was happy to see that 15 countries with top skippers have the interest to compete in match racing at this level in a youth competition.

The event was declared open as each team raised their national flag after the canon shot. Racing is scheduled to commence at 09:30 local time on 23 July and concludes on 27 July. 2014

flags are hoisted


2014 ISAF Youth Match Racing Worlds Entrants Confirmed

The entries for the inaugural ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship set to be held in Helsinki, Finland from 23-27 July have been confirmed.

Organised by the Nylandska Jaktklubben in conjunction with the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), the ISAF Grade W event will welcome 15 skippers racing J/80 boats.

In its inaugural year the 2014 ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship is open to competitors under 23 years old on 31 December 2014.


The highest ranked sailor amongst the entrants is 20-year-old Joachim Aschenbrenner (DEN). At World #12 in the Open Rankings the Dane has had considerable success on the Open circuit that has enabled him to remain as one of the top 25 match racers for the last two years.

Regatta victories and podium finishes at ISAF Grade 2 and 3 regattas highlights the talent that Aschenbrenner has and he will be one of the favourites to take the honours in Helsinki.

New Zealand’s Chris Steele will come into the event buoyed having won his first ISAF Grade 2 regatta, the Chicago Match Cup qualifier, over the weekend of 13-15 June 2014. The 21-year-old has worked his way up the ISAF Open Rankings to World #17 having secured a string of podium finishes at ISAF Grade 2 and 3 regattas since he made his match racing debut at the Musto International Youth Match Racing Championships in November 2011.

With match racing in his family’s blood Sam Gilmour (AUS) will be a fierce contender for gold at the inaugural ISAF Youth Match Racing Worlds. Gilmour is the son of four-time ISAF Match Racing World Champion, Peter Gilmour, and with older brother David a tour card holder on the Alpari World Match Racing Tour the 20-year-old has plenty of match racing nous to draw experience from in advance of the regatta.

Gilmour made his first match racing appearance in May 2011 and has slowly worked his way up the Open Rankings. Following three regatta victories in a row towards the backend of 2013 Gilmour moved into the world’s top 25 and enters Helsinki at World #24.

The next highest ranked racer set to compete in Helsinki is Ireland’s Philip Bendon who currently sits at World #35. The Irish racer won gold at the EUROSAF Match Racing, Open Youth European Championship in 2013. With two regatta victories under his belt in 2014 he will be one to watch in Helsinki.

After winning a silver medal at the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Germany’s Florian Haufe made the switch over to the match racing circuit and has impressed. His sole regatta victory came at the ISAF Grade 3 2013 EUROSAF University Sailing European Match Race Championship. At World #52 Haufe will be pushing for the podium.

Racing at the ISAF Youth Match Racing Worlds commences on Wednesday 23 July and concludes on Sunday 27 July.

2014 ISAF Youth Match Racing Worlds Entrants

Vladislav Abramov (RUS)

Joachim Aschenbrenner (DEN)

Philip Bendon (IRL)

Valerio Galati (ITA)

Sam Gilmour (AUS)

Florian Haufe (GER)

Jakob Klitte (SWE)

Mark Lees (GBR)

Nelson Mettraux (SUI)

Pierre Quiroga (FRA)

Slawomir Plichta (POL)

Tyler Rice (ISV)

Markus Rönnberg (FIN)

Nevin Snow (USA)

Chris Steele (NZL)


 The ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship joined the ISAF family of events at the 2012 ISAF Annual Conference in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.

The Championship will bring together the best youth match racers from around the world acknowledging their skills and offering a pathway to senior match racing competition.

Helsinki, Finland was selected to host the inaugural event from 23-27 July 2014.

Swinoujscie, Poland will hold the 2015 edition of the event.




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