Sailing Center FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Here you should be able to find answers to the most common questions regarding Sailing Center.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send an email to sailingcenter@njk.fi or call Center Manager Oliver Silén 045 349 1559. We will add any relevant questions to this page.

Can anyone become a member?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to join Sailing Center, no matter the level of experience. We have training groups for everyone. See Training Groups. All members participate entirely at their own risk.

How do I become a meber?

Sign up and pay HERE. If you want to discuss the services before you sign up you can send an email to sailingcenter@njk.fi.

When does the season start and end?

The first training session is held 3.5 and the last training session 6.10. The Season End dates are October 15-16 (prep.). After the last coached session you are welcome to use the boats on your own until they are lifted in the end of October. See skipper’s rights.

Where are the boats kept?

The boats and all activities are on NJK Koivusaari, Vaskisalmenkuja 9, 00200, Helsinki 26.4-7.5 and approx week 38 to the end of the season.
8.5- approx week 37 the boats and all activities are on NJK Valkosaari, Ehrenströmintie 11, 00140, Helsinki.

What boats does Sailing Center have?

We have eight J/80’s and five 606’s. The J/80 is an eight meters long keelboat (meaning it can’t capsize), which is sporty and easy to sail. On Sailing Center we sail them with symmetrical spinnakers. The 606 is a 6,06 meters long light keelboat. The 606 is a good boat for beginners as it has much less power than the J/80 and is thus very easy to control. See more on our boats page.

What are talkoo points?

Sailing Center relies on voluntary work to keep the boats in shape, moving them to the right places and making sure everything works. We organize large and small ”Talkoos”, where we get together and clean boats, repair sails, sail them from one harbour to the other etc. Each member has to gather 3 talkoo points during the season. That means you have to do some voluntary work three times during the season. You can also buy talkoo points for 80€ each. If you wish to buy talkoo points, send an email to sailingcenter@njk.fi. If you do not get your talkoo points during the season, you will be charged 250 euros.

How do I find talkoo work to do?

We will inform about talkoo work in our Facebook group and via email. You can also send an email to sailingcenter@njk.fi to see if there is anything that needs to be done.

How do I acquire skipper’s rights?

To be able to skipper the boats outside of supervised activities like weekly practice or cruising sessions, you must acquire skipper’s rights. You need to be skilled enough to safely manage the boat in and out of the harbour. Each application will be assessed individually by their coach. There are no tests that you need to take, if your coach thinks you can handle the boat you will be allowed skipper’s rights. If you would like to acquire skipper’s rights, sign this and send it to sailingcenter@njk.fi. Your coach will then approve or decline your application.

Can I take anyone sailing once I have skipper’s rights?

Not quite. It is enough that only one of the group has skipper’s rights, but every person in the group must have paid either the season fee or a day pass before going sailing.

What equipment do I need?

Nothing! You can borrow all you need during the first few times you come sailing at NJK Sailing Center. If you start sailing regularly, you should buy your own life vest. You do not need to buy clothes or other gear specifically designed for sailing. You need warm clothes that can get wet. You can use normal sneakers or running shoes. We recommend using gardening gloves when sailing as they have good grip and are cheap.

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