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The Technique/Tactics Tuesday lecture series has started

The first Tactics/Technique Tuesday video lecture has been posted. The first topic is the Major Decisions on the race course. The videos will be posted on Facebook and YouTube every second Tuesday and every second Wednesday at 8 pm. You can find the videos with the hashtags #TacticsTuesday #TechniqueTuesday and #WeatherWednesday

Covid-19 Guidelines

When spending time at NJK , please remember the general guidelines regarding safety distances and hand hygiene. Respect other peoples space and wait for your turn to fetch something from indoor spaces. When getting something from the containers or the tool shed, please do it one team at a time. We recommend wearing a face mask in any indoor spaces. We will to our best ability try to sail in the same teams every week, to minimize the amounts of people we are in close contact with for extended periods of time.

New frequently asked questions page added

On our new frequently asked questions page you can find answers to the most common questions regarding Sailing Center. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the FAQ page, please send us an email at sailingcenter@njk.fi and we’ll answer your question and add it to the page. Check out the page by clicking the button below.


Blue Track moved to Wednesdays – Fleet Racing on Thursdays

The Blue Track practice has been moved to Wednesdays to make it possible to have the weekly fleet racing on Thursdays. By moving the weekly fleet racing to Thursdays more people are able to participate as there are other weekly competitions on Wednesdays that many of our potential participants already compete in. Sailing is such a small sport in Finland that we do not want there to be multiple weekly competitions on the same weekday.

Sailing Center Program 2021

Learn more about our calendar and what we offer. Here you will find information about training groups, cruising, competitions, courses, lectures and more.

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