The team is responsible for the following things:

● Keep the boats and sails in good condition

● Avoid and minimize damage

● To sail only in the instructed sailing area

● To report any occurred damages with “L” flag during competitions, or fill in damage report as instructed by RC boat personnel in case damages occurred outside competitions

● In case of hull damages ensure that the damage is taped over immediately in order to prevent water absorption. In case of damage at waters a first judgement will be done and marked in which category and the severity of the damage it is placed. The skipper will verify this by signing the damage list. At shore a second judgement will be done to verify and clear which penalty fee the team must pay. If a team is seen sailing in the restricted area, the team will receive 1 ​warning. If the same team is seen to sail in forbidden area a 2​ nd time the team will have to pay a penalty fee.


The charges below are applicable where it is obvious that damage/loss was caused due to misuse by the user. The extent of the damage is decided by RC boat personnel. If the damage requires involvement of insurance company, the deposit of 1800 € will be charged from the skipper. In cases where the cost of a repair cannot immediately be determined (e.g. grounding, major collision) the whole deposit will be collected and after the repairs are carried out any excess deposit will be refunded to the skipper. This Sailing Contract is applicable both during competitions and training sessions. The team hereby acknowledges the sailing contract of Sailing Center at NJK, and is bounded and obliged to follow the terms of it. In case damage is occurred and when the penalty fee is clear, the team will be informed and a deposit will be sent to the skipper. The team has 2 ​weeks time to pay the deposit, counting from the moment when the deposit has been sent. The team will also send a verification e-mail to sailingcenter@njk.fi when the payment has been done.

In all the damage cases a report should be filled and a notification email should be sent to sailingcenter@njk.fi.


Damage payment

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