Blue Track moved to Wednesdays – Fleet Racing on Thursdays

The Blue Track practice has been moved to Wednesdays to make it possible to have the weekly fleet racing on Thursdays. By moving the weekly fleet racing to Thursdays more people are able to participate as there are other weekly competitions on Wednesdays that many of our potential participants already compete in. Sailing is such a small sport in Finland that we do not want there to be multiple weekly competitions on the same weekday. 

The full Sailing Center weekly schedule looks like this:
Monday: Green Track and Red Track, 5.30-8.30 pm
Tuesday: Center Cup Match Race, first race 6 pm
Wednesday: Blue Track, 5.30-8.30 pm
Thursday: Fleet Racing, first race 6 pm

The Thursday fleet racing series as well as the Center Cup Match Racing series begin the first week of May. With the sailing pass you are welcome to join either the Center Cup series on Tuesdays or the Thursday Fleet Racing series. Sign up through the spreadsheets below:

You can find the full calendar here: https://njk.fi/calendar/

Oliver Silén 
Center Manager
045 349 1559

Read all Sailing Center news here: https://njk.fi/sailingcenter/news/

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