If you wish to pay your season pass installments, please use the Svea Payments option to pay in installments.

The season fee includes the following:

NEW 2023 for all members! Let’s boost Thursday Fleet Racing! Bonus possibility to attend both the Center Cup MR series (Tuesday) AND the Fleet Racing (Thursday) in addition to your coached training session. This system will continue as long as there is free space.

Sailing Center is a community where everyone work together to make everything work. That is why we require all of our members to do the following things:

  • 3 x talkoo work (preparing boats for the season, washing boats, organizing competitions, repairing boats etc.) During the talkoos you will often have the chance to learn something new. Should you not be able to attend three talkoos, you will be charged 250€.
  • Participate in the boat washing as a part of weekly training in June (week 23) and August (week 32).

Green, Blue and Red Track Training Groups will have one coached training weekly from May 2nd – June 22nd 2023 (Red/Green Track first training on Tuesday May 2nd, then Mondays) and July 31st – October 5th 2023. There will not be coached training during the summer weeks, but the boats will be available for rent to the Hanko Regatta (weeks 27&28) and for own training. All J’80’s are reserved and not available for training July 20-30.

NJK Sailing Center Season Pass 2023
Green/ Blue/ Red/ Black/ CC/ Fleet

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